Photo by John Forson on Unsplash

To dare and to do and the reward, more daring.
Sweethearts in all forms to have, a blessing,
Those that cling with joy, always with the hope of it
In the star glimmer of their eyes and less fished
By prim speech of thoughts that often come imprecise
From where birds were before the egg, slipped aside,
Where the cosmos was before the big bang,
Way back to the first expectant silence, blank.

The world’s on its way and everyone on their way,
So well adjusted to the breeze as well, to weigh
That it falls in and out of our magnetic field unnoted,
For we’re too adjusted in our chaos and devoted.

At time of sun’s cooling as lovely as leaves and all
Of a forest ready to choir your favorite song,
The worn path, its dust bath, is left at the hour.
I hope the dream under the moonlight shower,
It’s the nakedness of spirit, a flower waiting to bud,
The love we let go of without disappointment’s cut
Neither a stifled rage because you loved outside
Your desires on how it ought or not look alike.

If there’s shattering, let it be the different molecules
Sunlight breaks to myriad hues for your sky, fallen loose.

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